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I can't make heads or tails of anything. People act like my friends yet I'm being told by others they think I'm creepy or just don't like me. Other people are feeding me lies to make me think one way just so they can mess with my mind, and I get it from all sides. People say I'm their friend, yet don't act it. I try to help everyone with their problems and mediate arguments and disputes between two people, but no one listens or throws everything I say out the window every single time.

Today was the worst. I woke up feeling depressed and that feeling was with me all day. Then when I got home, a certain someone (not part of this community, don't worry any of you) told another something that made the second person hate me. And it was unjustified. What the first told the second was true, but it was taken the wrong way. I was luckily able to talk to the second and convince that person that what that person had taken it as was different from what actually happened, because I had been tricked into doing something. Now I don't know who to trust or what I can do. Everyone seems to be out to get me no matter what I do to help them. It...frustrates is an understatement. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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when will it end?

i just cant seem to get a break. something always comes along and fucks me up even more. i found out today that sean asked out kathryn, and apparently she said yes.

my heart just cant seem to get fixed. it keeps getting torn apart and the seams, broken into a million pieces and then stomped into the mud and buried. but the worst part of all is, he broke the #1 rule of dating: never ask out your friend's ex-girlfriend. and he doesnt even care. he thinks he loves kathryn more than me. well he fucking doesnt. i fucking love her with all of my heart, even if it IS destroyed.
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i swear, i was this close to being over "us." i mean, i still wanted her as a friend, but i could deal without having her as mine. then i was going through some old papers and came across her letter to me from camp. she said she loved me half a dozen times. i got it just a couple weeks before we broke up. and when i read it, i just broke down and cried. i balled my eyes out. i realized i wasnt over her, i was just suppressing my feelings. i realized i need her. a lot. i just want her to take me back for a day. a second, even. i just want to kiss her one last time, or something-anything-to let me know she still cares.

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Do I have to?

State your name - Katie.
Your age - 15
A physical description of yourself - You know what I look like. Short and ugly.
A mental/emotional description of yourself - Angry, sad, upset, betrayed, broken. I still don't think that he absolutely had to do it.
The biggest reason why you want to join (happy/sad) - Because.

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As the sun beats down on
The halfway house
Has my conscience beating
The sound in my ear
The will to persevere
As i reach the break of day

When you lost all hope and excuses
And the cheapskates & the losers
Nothing's left to cling onto
You got to hold on to yourself

Meh. I'm not in a really bad mood right now. This nice little thing will be for when I get thrown into my uncalled for sporadic fits of depression. And also for arguing about the meaning of life. Woo.
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Welcome to "A Halfway House." It would be The instead of A, but it was already taken.=( Anyway, welcome. This is probably the happiest post you'll read here, so you are forewarned.

I created this because there are people out there who need help. I know this because I am one of them. So this was created as a place for people to come and divulge their sorrows, their pain, their sufferings, to people who are willing to listen and help out. So if you are a drug addict, a cutter, an emo, an alcoholic, a pessimistic person or simply depressed, this is the place for you. If you are optimistic, love helping others, or one of those people who just want to be the one to provide a shoulder to cry on, this is the place for you. We are not here to judge. We are not here to yell at others and put them down. We are here to talk about our problems and help others with them. So if you have a depressing story about how the world hates you or simply that your cat died, tell us. We're willing to listen. This is a place to come to get your sorrows out so that they do not clutter up the happiness of your lives.

The name was invented by my friends and I, all of whom have problems in their lives. We thought that it would be a great idea to build a house that's exactly halfway between everyone's so we could have a place to go when life at home just seems unbearable. Well, now, in a way, it has been built, and it is not just halfway between our houses. It's right inside the world's. So come.

Share your story.

To Join:

State your name
Your age
A physical description of yourself
A mental/emotional description of yourself
The biggest reason why you want to join (happy/sad)

I await you in the Halfway House.

That will all be said in the info as well.

I have a question though. How do you customize the community? I can't seem to find how.
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